South Okanagan-Similkameen Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists

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Sandra Albo
Beverley Alexander
Nancy Archer
Carol Avedon-Savage
Velma Bateman
Diane Bennett-Way
Diane Bennett-Way
Christine Buchler
Janet Burgart
Judy Byer
Laila M Campbell
Diane Carter
Janice Emma Cornett-Ching
Jan Crawford
Arlene Currie
Lyse Deselliers
Maureen DeYaeger
Karel Doruyter
Pamela Duncan
Jennifer Farnell
Jacinta Ferrari
Sheryl Fossett
Alicia Fowler
Kathryn Gibson
Ron Gladish
Donna Goett
Irene Gray
Laura Gray
Nancy Gray
Myra E Hammond
Anne-Marie Harvey
Katie Hicks
Barb Hillier
Barb Hillier
Bradford Hillis
Barbara A Hofer
Eileen Hopkins
Carolyn Jager
Michael Jorden
Greta Kamp
Dianne Korsch
Georgia Krebs
Joan Lansdell Joan Lansdell
Sharon Leonard
Katherine MacNeill
Lynne Marand
Michael Martel
Renee Matheson
Dale Matthews
Bobi McMillan
Lorie Meyer
Marianne Meyer
Judy Millar
Julie-Ann Miller
Julie-Ann Miller
Susan Mitchell
Art Moore
Art Moore
Carol Munro
Sharon Newton
Lynn O'Brien
Ruby Palmer
Elizabeth Parsons
Dave Patterson
Jill Pelland
Jill Pelland
Margaret Phillips Margaret Phillips
Pat Proudfoot
Wendy Provins
Sandra Psiurski
Claudia Punter
Judith A Rackham
Dawn Ritchie
Robin Robertson
Victoria Rodgers
Mandy Rollins
Jane Scheffler
Don Shadow Don Shadow
Grace Shaw
Carollyne Sinclaire
Diana Skelhorne
Cindy Smith
Dona Smithson
Sharon Snow
Peggy Stel
Martyn Stephenson
Linda Swales
Dorothy Tinning
Debbie Tougas
Debbie Tougas
George L Traicheff
Sylvia Treptow
Marion Trimble
Elaine Watts
Elaine Watts
Wendy Wells-Bailey
Mark Werklund
Norma Wilkinson
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